Sirix Trading Platform

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:As of 10.07.2022, our investors will be able to trade with the Olive Markets trading platform. Your login information to the new trading platform has been sent via SMS. Click the link to login.

With the Olive Markets trading platform, you can easily manage your buy-sell transactions in hundreds of investment products from a single place. Thanks to the multi-device support on the trading platform offered by Olive Markets, Android, iOS or Windows devices.


In addition, it is possible to operate without installing any application. Thanks to the Web Trader feature, you can easily log in to the trading platform and manage your transactions through your browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

Advantages Differentiating Olive Markets Trading Platform From Other Trading Platforms

  • Thanks to Web Trader, you can control your account on any device without downloading any application
  • Artificial intelligence support that automatically detects your pending orders such as Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop without the need to specify the order type
  • Pre-calculation of your probable profit and loss at your Take Profit and Stop Loss levels
  • After specifying the transaction amount, showing the amount of collateral you need to connect by calculating in advance
  • You can directly place a trade order in the amount you want without having to make a lot account
  • Manage your transactions very easily with its user-friendly interface
  • Multi-device support to install apps on your Android, iOS and Windows devices

How to Use Sirix Trading Platform?

The Sirix trading platform offered by Olive Markets is the most user-friendly platform offered in financial markets.


You can learn how to trade in just a few minutes by examining the Sirix guide below.


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