License and Regulation

Olive Markets has been accredited as a zero-risk broker, and provides secure investment funding, a seamless trading experience and customer-service satisfaction.


All payments including deposits and withdrawals are transferred in the same day.


In order to provide a competitive advantage to our investors & clients we work with several subsidiary brokers as well as numerous liquidity providers and have been licensed to do so, accompanied by an insurance fund as well as a segregated multi-account banking setup.


All transactions and transfers made by our investors are processed by EEA approved banks. Olive Markets secures your investment by operating your funds within an independent account with no-link to its operational costs and assets.


In order to secure your transactions and investments against issues with our internal service providers we’ve been granted an insurance funds policy by GLOFSA.


Our GLOFSA (Global Financial Services Authority) accreditation allows us to operate globally while ensuring our investors’ investments under the GLOFSA insurance fund. Our licensing information is provided to our customers with total transparency; we are audited accordingly under the GLOFSA regulations.




As a proud members of GLOFSA (Global Financial Services Authority) we are able to provide our investors with a more secure trading experience.


Our GLOFSA accreditation entitles us to utilize the COMPENSATION INSURANCE POLICY, which insures your investment for up to $200,000 USD. All investors under the Olive Markets company are automatically covered under this insurance policy free-of-charge.


As a GLOFSA accredited broker we are able to provide a secure trading experience with leverages. As stated earlier we are happy to provide all of our licensing information and documentation with full transparency. Any issues you may encounter can be handled through the Global Financial Services Authority. 

To access our GLOFSA related documentation please click here.

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