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Why Olive Markets?


One of the first contractual agreements was made roughly 2500 years ago by a philosopher named Thales, the agreement was made with olives from the Anatolian region. Thales calculated that the olives would thrive in spring using astronomy, then made a deal in the winter when olives were still cheap.  When spring came along and the olives began to grow, he increased the price of the olives while it was in high-demand. Thales was the person in history to profit from an agreement on Anatolian soil.


In today’s financial markets, one of the most important things is the agreement, in this case ‘olive’. Olive Markets utilizes the latest technology to do what it does best, and we too wanted our name to make history.

Who we are


Olive Markets (Olive O. Markets Global Financial LTD) is known under subsidiaries in the United Kingdom (England), Malta, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Australia & the United Arab Emirates whilst operating on a global scale. Global Financial has several investments around the world, it has purchased several broker firms and strengthened its influence with its vast capital funding capabilities.


Our company has a team of over 150 financial consultants, with over 250 staff members we provide support to all of our clients.

Olive Markets Manifesto


As Olive Markets we take pride in providing you with the best financial investment opportunities.


As Olive Markets we vow to provide you with a unique vision and experience.


We’re here to add-on to the pleasant experiences you’ve had with other forex brokers, we’re only here to improve your satisfaction and experience.


We’re well-aware of the fact that you’re investing in us to make a profit.


With our competitive spreads and bonus promotional advantages, our aim is to have you saying “Thank god I’ve found Olive Markets”.


Instant account funding, allowing for faster deposits and quicker withdrawals. 


We’re here to provide you with a reliable corporate investment banking experience

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What Makes Olive Markets Stand Out From The Other Brokers?

Olive Markets was established to provide the best possible trading support with a customer satisfaction guaranty.

Our market analysis is done by professional financial consultants, using an integrated risk management system, we provide sophisticated investment products & services, whilst assisting you (the investors) with all the options you could ever need.


An Accredited Broker with Capital

With our IFSC certification we were able to acquire several other popular brokerage companies in the forex market.


Instant Transaction Policy

We offer lightning-fast financial transactions on all of our products & services.


Competitive Spreads

With our competitive spreads, we help you earn a profit the moment you enter a trade.


Professional Financial Consulting

Our staff are elites in their field and aim to provide advanced market analysis & consulting.

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