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If you’d like to take advantage of what Olive Markets has to offer, opening a live account takes just one minute.


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FX Currency pairs, commodities, stocks & shares, indexes and cryptocurrencies can be traded with flexible leverages, with the option to both buy and sell.


Make profit by trading with international currency pairs, make profit by buying in to a currency pair, or sell-off against one.

Crypto Currency

Digital currencies are the future, crypto-trading has become the new norm. From Bitcoin to Ripple, Litecoin to Ethereum, buy and sell as you please.

Stocks & Shares

From the U.S. stock market, to the EU, we even allow you trade in the Middle East. Buy and sell stocks, become a part of a company.


From soft commodities, to gold and silver metals, to crude oil and the petrol market. Buy and sell with commodities including crypto pairs.

Olive Markets Trading Platform

Trading with Sirix allows for traders with and without experience to improve themselves and learn with its fully-customizable design and renown user-friendly interface and high-performance processing capabilities.


Sirix also allows traders to use customized graphics. With over 50 trading-analysis tools its able to offer a seamless trading experience. Sirix has been tested worldwide and is one of the most highly recommended trading platforms out there. Sirix is a responsive, capable, user-friendly and customizable trading-platform.

Why Traders Choose Olive Markets


1:300 Leverage

With our 1:300 leverage options, traders can make 300x higher investments with a lot less capital.


Trading on Cryptos

With our 1:5 leverage options, traders can make 5x higher trading on cryptocurrencies with a lot less capital.


Instant Deposits / Withdrawals

The speed and ease of depositing and withdrawing your money will shock you.


Licensed & Verified Broker

Our GLOFSA certification allows for secure-trading.

Instant Deposits & Instant Withdrawals

Olive Markets earns its reputation with its speed of initial investment deposits & withdrawals, transfer your funds as fast as bank would.
Olive Markets allows you to deposit funds into your trading account instantly, when you request a withdrawal we assure you your funds will be traded as soon as the banks allow us to.

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